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Headquatered in Pittsburgh PA, Calgon Carbon is the acknowledged leader – nearly 75 years in production - in the activated carbon and reactivation industry for many liquid and vapor phase applications, with complementary expertise in ion exchange technology


FILTRASORB® Granular Activated Carbon and Calgon Carbon’s equipment line are proven treatment solutions for PFAS removal...More Info Here


Minotaur High Capacity Pelletized Activated Carbon

Granular Activated Carbon

Centaur Catalytic Granular Activated Carbon

Powder Activated Carbon

Field Services – On-site Carbon and Media Exchange

Field Tests and Pilot Systems – Critical tests and trials from which full-scale system design can be developed

Equipment Leasing Services – Monthly leasing options on services and equipment

Engineered Systems are adsorption systems designed for the removal of dissolved organic compounds from water or other liquids using granular activated carbon.

ISEP continuous ion exchange systems incorporating a number of ion exchange beds mounted on a rotating carousel to eliminate nitrates and perchlorates

Fixed Bed Ion Exchange for the removal of dissolved ionic compounds from water