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  Centrifuges for Thickening & Dewatering


Since the first milk centrifuges in 1893, GEA WESTFALIA SEPARATOR has been building centrifuges which combine high separating efficiencies, clarifying efficiencies and throughput capacities with maximum savings in terms of energy, water and disposal costs.

Dewatering Decanters for
Drinking Water Treatment

Thickening & Dewatering Decanters for
Wastewater Treatment

4000X G-Force Standard - Best in Class Decanter Centrifuges

 NEW! Biosolids Granulator

Innovative dry-on-demand solution
for sludge treatment.

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The unique process utilizes small dewatered particles – ejecting directly from the rotating centrifuge bowl – which are then immediately heat seared and fixed by the primary direct heat injection stream. These solids are then further dried by the secondary hot air flow in the main drying chamber. This results in an enhanced dried granulated material with up to 50 % dry solids with a sustained pathogen count below 100,000 cfu/g.

GEA varipond®

With GEA varipond®, which stands for “variable pond depth” with a running decanter centrifuge, GEA is offering a patented energy and resource-saving optimization solution for the treatment of sludge and wastewater. The control and regulating system simplifies the infrastructure of the centrifuge and guarantees a stable discharge concentration.