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UV Solutions for Industrial Liquid Treatment



UV Disinfection - Considered to be the primary mechanism for the inactivation/destruction of waterborne pathogens.

Chlorine and Chloramine Destruction - UV Technology can effectively eliminate residual chlorine and chloramine present in water. 

Ozone Destruction - Aquafine ozone destruction units add UV energy to ozone, catalyzing the ozone into harmless oxygen.

TOC (Total Organic Carbon) Reduction - For effective reduction of organics.



ChloRid Series
With medium-pressure lamp technology, our ChloRID series meets and exceeds the diverse needs of market specific applications for the reduction of chlorine and chloramines.

CSL plus Series
Featuring medium-flow models, the CSL series is a popular choice for hospital and hotel installations as well as the life sciences and microelectronics markets.

LS HX Series
Providing maximized disinfection for the Liquid Sweetener (LS) beverage industry—including simple syrups, syrup mixes and high-fructose corn syrups—with proven low-pressure, high-output HX lamp technology.

MPR Series
With medium-pressure lamp technology, the MPR series meets and exceeds the diverse needs of market-specific applications for the disinfection and reduction of chloramines.
Optima Series
Efficient and cost effective, this Series provides proven performance and technology in applications for the food & beverage, life sciences and microelectronics industries.
Optima HX Series
Provides proven performance and technology in numerous applications such as food & beverage, life sciences and microelectronics.
SCD H Series
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and chlorine destruction solutions, maximizing reduction efficiency in high volume, ultrapure, waste or reclaim applications for indoor and outdoor installations
SL Series
Compact and economical units used for low-flow applications such as laboratory and medical facility water, life sciences pharmaceutical make-up process, final electronic component rinsing and recirculation loops.
SwiftBeverage Series
Offering proven protection to safeguard against virtually all microorganisms, including Cryptosporidium, Giardia and adenovirus, this series exceeds FDA and USEPA compliance requirements.

TrojanUVLogic Series
Utilizes low-pressure, high-output amalgam lamp technology for chlorine and chloramines to meet the rigid quality standards of the recreational waters, life sciences and food & beverage markets.

UVK Series
With low power consumption and ease of maintenance, the UVK series has proven reliability in thousands of marine applications worldwide.