The MAHER Corporation - New England's WATER & WASTEWATER Process Equipment Reps - Since 1970



AQUAFINE - Trusted UV Solutions for Industrial Liquid Treatment Applications

BEACON WATER TECHNOLOGIES - GDisk® Pile Cloth Disk Filtration Systems

BIOREM TECHNOLOGIES - Biofiltration Systems for Odor Control including BIOFILTAIR™, BASYS™, BIOCUBE™, MYTILUS™ AND SYNERGY™, Biogas Conditioning System

BOERGER - Rotary Lobe Pumps, Grinders

BRENTWOOD INDUSTRIES - Polychem Systems Chain & Flight, Scum Pipes, Skimmers, SmartGuard Collector Monitoring System, SedVac Sediment Dredge System, Tube Settlers, Support Systems, Baffles& Troughs, Trickling Filter Media, Support Systems, IFAS Systems, Submerged Process Media

CALGON CARBON – Activated Carbon products: Granular (GAC), Powder (PAC), and Pelletized Media. Ion Exchange Media, Engineered Equipment and Service Equipment

CHARTER MACHINE – Contract Dewatering, Belt Filter Presses, Gravity Belt Thickeners, Lime Stabilization, Rotary Drum Thickeners, Polymer Feed Systems, Belt/Shafted/Shaftless Conveyors

CLEARSTREAM - Circular Clarifiers, Thickeners, DAFs and Rectangular DAFs for Water and Wastewater Treatment

DBS MANUFACTURING - OEM Clarifier and Thickener Drive, Direct "Bolt-In" Retrofit Drives, Low Speed Mechanical Aerators, Mixers and Rotary Distributors

DYNATEC SYSTEMS  – Out of basin MBR systems

ECS – Odor Control Systems Specializing in Carbon Adsorbers, Chemical Scrubbers, FRP Chemical Storage Tanks, Sound Enclosures, Covers and Buildings. AMCA certified FRP damper/ductwork systems

ENVIRONMENTAL FABRICS – Geosynthetic Liners, Floating Cover Systems, Tank Covers, Liners & Containment

FAB-TECH - PermaShield Fluoropolymer Stainless Steel Odor Control Duct

FELKER BROTHERS - Stainless Steel Pipe and Fitting Systems

GEA-WESTFALIA SEPARATOR - Centrifuges for Thickening & Dewatering

GILLTEQ – WeirWasher Automated Cleaning Systems, Eco-Blaster Biological Control Systems

HEADWORKS - Headworks® Bar Screen featuring Mahr™ Technology, MBBR Systems

HOWDEN - Featuring TURBLEX® & SPENCER - Centrifugal & Turbo Blowers and Aeration Control Systems

LAKESIDE EQUIPMENT - Fine Screen, Septage Acceptance Plant, Screenings Wash Press, Complete Plant, Oxidation Ditch Aerators, Clarifiers, Screw Pumps, Rotary Distributors, Grit Removal Systems, Mixers

MIOX – Hypochlorite with Trace Peroxide On-site Generators

NEFCO - FRP Weirs, Scum Baffles & Troughs, Density Current Baffles, Launder and Channel Cover Systems

ORTHOS LIQUID SYSTEMS - Poseidon Filtration Systems® (Conventional W/WW, Membrane Pretreatment, BAF, Denite), Centurion™ Monolithic Underdrains, Ortho-Wash™ Media-Retaining Troughs, Nozzles

PARKSON – Industrial DynaSand® Filtration, Lamella® Settlers, Rotary Drum Thickeners, Static and Headworks Screens

PROCO - Expansion Joints, Pipe Penetration Seals, Check Valves

RM FIBERGLASS - Modular Fiberglass Buildings, Enclosures & Containment

ROOTS - Rotary Positive Displacement Blowers, Packages

SALSNES Filter - Complete Primary Treatment Systems

SANITAIRE – ICEAS & SBR Systems, BioLoop Oxidation Ditches, Ceramic and Membrane Fine Bubble and Stainless Steel Coarse Bubble Diffuse Aeration Systems, Oscar Process Control

STRAUB – Stainless Steel Couplings

THERMAFAB – Floating Baffles, Clearwell Curtains & Portable Spill Containment Units

TROJAN UV - Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems for Water and Wastewater

USP TECHNOLOGIES - Hydrogen Peroxide and Peroxide Based Full-Service Environmental Treatment Systems

VALMET - Realtime Measurement and Control of Solids in Water and Wastewater

VAPEX - Hydroxyl Radical Odor, Grease and Corrosion Control

WACO PRODUCTS – Slide, Weir, Stop Gates and Stop Logs, Water Control Equipment in Stainless or Aluminum

WATSON-MARLOW - Peristaltic Pumps for Sludge, Lime and Chemical Metering/Transfer Applications, Skid Systems