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FRP Weirs, Scum Baffles & Troughs, Density Current Baffles, Launder and Channel Cover Systems

Formerly known as New England Fiberglass Company...

 -The original "Stamford Baffle" Manufacturer -

NEFCO was founded in the late 1980’s in Stamford, Connecticut. The company produced the first operational FRP Density Current Baffle for the Stamford WWTP.  The Connecticut DEP described the Density Current Baffle as “the most cost-effective improvement in clarifier performance available today.”

With a 30° inclination angle with a greater horizontal projection NEFCO - Stamford Baffle 2.0 reduces total suspended solids by nearly 80% and produced a 35% increase in overall hydraulic capacity.

Today NEFCO is a major provider of engineered fiberglass products to the Water and Wastewater Treatment Industry. The company is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. with manufacturing facilities located throughout the United States.


Weirs & Scum Baffles Troughs Algae Covers
Walk On Launder and Channel Covers

Stamford Baffle 2.0

Dual Surface Baffles

Baffle Walls 

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