Circular Clarifiers, Thickeners, Digester Covers, Jet Aeration & Mixing

Segmented Rake Plow Clarifiers Spiral Blade Clarifiers Suction Header Clarifiers Suction Pipe Clarifiers
Bridge & Center Column Mounted Gravity Thickeners Fixed & Floating Digester Covers ClearFlo Jet Aeration & Mixing Solids Contact Clarifiers

Incorporated in 2002, the ClearStream technical staff has a combined industry experience in excess of 45 years. Corporate management has been working in the water & wastewater treatment arena for nearly 35 years. ClearStream maintains a highly trained technical staff of engineers, project managers, equipment designers, procurement specialists, and detail draftsmen to ensure product quality and safety.

ClearStream utilizes cutting edge analysis and design technologies to custom design each piece of process equipment to meet each individual customer's needs. All equipment is analyzed using advanced computational fluid dynamic (CFD), finite element analysis (FEA) and civil / structural software codes, to ensure process performance and structural integrity. All mechanisms are fully designed in a 3-D CAD environment to produce the highest quality, and customer friendly designs possible.