The MAHER Corporation - New England's WATER & WASTEWATER Process Equipment Reps - Since 1970





Comprehensive Line of Aerators, Mixers and Diffusers


TORNADO® Surface Aspirating Aerator

This naturally aspirating aerator provides superior subsurface directional mixing and oxygen dispersion for all of your wastewater applications.

Blower-Assisted TORNADO® Aerator

Available horsepower range: 2-100 hp

HURRICANE® Submersible Aerator/Mixer
High Oxygenation and 360-Degree Radial Mixing

BREEZE® Air Stripper
Efficiently Remove Contaminants From Water or Wastewater

LumenAER™ Solar-Powered Water Circulator 

This solar-powered circulator collects low-oxygen water from the bottom and exposes it to the surface for rapid oxygenation and distribution. 

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